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The Museum

Are you interested in criminal history, architectural monuments and the living conditions of the past? Then you are welcome to visit our court museum where justice was administered for over 200 years. Those sentenced to death were executed at the gallows hill in Krokstorp a few kilometers from the courthouse. At the site there is a memorial stone that shows the dark history of the gallows hill. The last time a judge and board met in the courthouse was 1935.

Unique building history

In 1950, Kristdala, Tuna and Misterhult’s local associations joined together to build the courthouse, which was then left to its fate. Tuna läns Hembygdsförbund was formed and a lot of voluntary work has been put into maintaining the building. On June 1, 1985, the home association was allowed to buy the courthouse from the state for 25,000 kroner and was subsequently declared a building monument.

The courthouse is owned and maintained by Tuna läns Hembygdsförbund, which consists of the four homestead associations in Kristdala, Tuna, Misterhult and Figeholm.

Ishults tingshus

The courthouse is one of Småland’s best preserved.