Stäng denna sökruta.


The district of Tunalän has existed since the middle of the 16th century. Then Tuna, Kristdala and Misterhult parishes were divided from surrounding counties. The first council house was located in Krokstorp, and councils were held there from 1540 to 1729. A commemorative stone has been erected on the site where the cottage was located.

Ishult’s newly built courthouse was put into use at the winter assembly in 1730, when district chief Isack Cook, judge in Aspeland’s, Sevede’s and Tunavlän’s court case, was allowed to rule the place.

One of the reasons why the courthouse was moved was that Ishult had become an inn. The large hall in the inn is said to have served as a courtroom at times.

In 1820, a fire ravaged and when the existing courthouse was built, the building was moved up the hill. The last time a judge and committee gathered in Ishult’s courthouse was in 1935.

On June 1, 1985, the homestead association was allowed to buy the courthouse from the state for SEK 25,000.

Ishult’s courthouse bears witness to the tough living conditions that applied in the past. Visit the museum to experience the wings of history…​